Pluck         Taking It Global Click Here                       Everyone basically grows up trying to do everything good.People naturally say their good.What We need is for everyone to be perfectly good and want the children that have learned about Jesus and all the children that are in need of food to see the people of this planet being truly good.We can feed this whole place.Everyone should be holier than the vatican. Its supposed to be male-female,black and white, faces etc... wanting everyone to have everything they need north east, south, and  west. GOLDEN PEOPLE EVERYWHERE THAT LOVE JESUS THE CHRIST FROM JERUSALEM IN OUR LEADERS HEARTS.!!!!!! Heart , mind and body quardination in the shower , bedroom and neighborhood ! God's perfecting grace ! CHILDREN LOVE JESUS AND BECAUSE OF DIRTY WATER THEY NEED DIGESTIVE MEDICINE THAT COST LITTLE AND CLEAN  WATER AND FOOD.THE POLLUTED POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS WATERS INFECTED THE PLANET.WE SHOULD ALL BE GREAT LOVERS OF GOD'S SON JESUS THE CHRIST. HIS MESSAGE IS FEMALE,MALE,black and white etc AND ALL RACES TO HAVE GOLDEN FACES AND GOLDEN LEADERS.TRUE GOLDEN WASHINGTON D.C. 100 MOVIE STARS, ATHLEATS, AND MUSICIANS, Police officers and teachers ,   fifty woman and fifty men, SENATORS TO TAKE US OUT OF DIRTY POLITICS. 24/7/12 Bookmark and Share  Book marking helps us help you !