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Hey, I'll Lend You My Notes...

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Do you remember back in High School where Coles Notes were the shortcut to not having to read "Hamlet" or "The Catcher In The Rye"? In College/University borrowing your friends notes would be the way to "cram" for that exam you didn't study for when you had the whole week to do it? Let's face it, if we can avoid having to wait for something, we don't. Period.

Recently, Bogdan Fiedur, owner of one of the top classified advertising websites in the world facilitated a year-long online workshop that assisted participants in creating their own online businesses. Now, he has made the entire transcript available in an E-Book. This is all 40 lessons in the workshop.

In the workshop Bogdan showed participants how to

  • Chose a business based on what they love to do

  • Create a product based on something people say they want/need

  • Reinforce credibility using the very methods given in the lessons

  • Manage their business according to they see fit to manage it.

If you are absolutely dead-serious about making your living online, you MUST have a reputable business of your own. I repeat: You MUST have a reputable business of your own. Here's where the BusinessMaker Lessons come into play.

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