Please be aware that everyone running this planet should be wanting every thing to be perfect North,East,South and West.They should have Faith,Hope and Love for Jerusalem and want peace on Earth as it is in Heaven.WE can feed this whole planet and 24hrs a day ,7days a week,12 months a year. We all need food, clothing,shelter and prayer.Time ,Space Goodwill, Truth, Leads us to good God leadership both man and woman.We all come from a man and a woman in the begining and that's the good example of families and communities all over the earth. Jesus ,Mary,and Joseph, a hard working family produced the good response to God and we have enough hearts to create a beautiful future.To love our neighbor the holy spirit is leading us to all truth. Not to create to many people and not care for  children in orphanages and to use condoms is as sane as everyone growing in all knowledge and straightening out the future.The money flow system is a big scam and we need people to be holier than the vatican because the vatican is the vatican and is not the holy spirit. Woman and Men should all be equally good and the constitution of the United States should have 50 men and 50 woman senators and the house of representatives should be half men and half woman. It's the workers that built Italy, Russia, Poland, China, America and the rest of the world and the economy should be flowing like a river into a GREAT FUTURE. To respect motherhood, fatherhood and be pro-life is to be honorable in the love of Gods creative design and sex education is as sane as reproducing a good future. People need structure of the heart and mind so they don't get sexually sick and Jesus Christ came with forgiveness so we can undo the damage the sin has caused. It's all education and the money system needs to be in the hands of people that love the workers and the people period. Dirty politics,like dirty religion and dirty business must become obsolete.A Green Panet is Pro-Life!!!-Pro-Adoption-!!!Pro-Good Sexual Behavior!!!Pro-God  click here   Bookmark and Share  Book marking helps this site help you !